more photos below

i try to develop my summer film after the warm, heavy air is gone and the leaves start changing colour, just so i can preserve those hazy days and long nights – the ones usually characterized by loads of friends and questionable decisions and love and heartbreak and sleeping in and lulling somewhere between the noisy, bustling city and the cool, calm nature, reminding us we’re alive and here right now. i hang onto my film until the summer says goodbye as a way to relive those precious days once they’re gone. here some photos from a collection called “disposable summer” that i just got back. the photos are all captioned with an explanation but they’re all out of order so whatever let’s just say it’s a map er somethin.

About glowerpower

am a 22 year old (wo)manchild, with an affinity for cacti and secretly recording myself singing songs by rihanna...
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