Kate Dingwall is a seasoned artist, engaging writer, and budding fashion superstar. Riding off of an impressive summer job at Flare magazine, not to mention her dedicated involvement in a revolutionary app, the lanky brunette is fresh into her senior year at McMaster university, where she’s spearheading stereotypes with her “contrasting” fields of study. I trapped this multi-talented dream babe in the thick of summer to take a few photos, do a quick Q&A, and burn our mouths on some overpriced matcha green tea.

Star sign?


What occupies most of your time?

Writing and doodling. There’s always something to write and if I can’t put it to words, I can sure draw a picture of it. Also, binge watching The Food Network and debating which is dreamier..Chuck Hughes or his poutine.

Morning ritual?

Hitting the snooze button ten times.

Favourite job you’ve had?

My summer job in fashion publishing, partly including finding the ridiculous props for photo shoots and making the Creative Director’s wildest dreams come true. Last month, I spent a week running around begging taxidermists and eccentric billionaires if I could borrow their stuffed leopard.

Biggest inspiration?

Old movies, dirty 90s rock, any book I can get my hands on.

What part of being a human do you find hardest?

Is being a presentable girl an appropriate answer? As a girl in our day and age there are way too many things to upkeep. Many a day I would rather roll out of my house in the same worn-in NHL boxers and hoodie I wore to bed that night.

Last place you travelled?

Nevada desert.

Latest girl crush?

Lykke Li has stolen my heart for years. There’s just an unadulterated honesty to her and her music. She said in an interview once, “There was just something so nice about being embarrassed and scared.” It’s fantastic to see a musician who’s so in touch with her feelings and flaws, especially with our current spread of top forty divas and their obsession with perfection.

Most memorable halloween costume?

Being Pikachu in grade 1…and 12.


Best thing you’ve read online in the past week?

That Archie Andrews, popular 2D Casanova, is meeting his untimely demise. Strangest part? He’s taking a bullet saving his gay friend. An impactful way to kill off such a humanistic hero that speaks to many generations.

The most surprising thing about you?

That’s a tough one…I’m all around a bit of an eccentric person. Maybe that I study mechanical engineering and fine art in university?

What’s in your purse?

Everything but the kitchen sink, but most importantly candy and lipstick.

Favourite part of your body?

I’ve got legs for days!

Thing you’re most looking forward to this fall?

Hiking through the fall foliage.

Biggest achievement?

Being part of the Think Dirty team and seeing all our hard work pay off as we hit all these incredible milestones (we’ve been trending on the app store for days now). Educating people so that they can make healthy cosmetic choices!!

Worst part of university?

Midterms, night class.

Biggest misconception people might have about you?

That I’m “ditzy”.

Guilty pleasure?


Upcoming projects?

I have my big art critique tomorrow. I just finished an exhibition of my large scale underwater photography and fashion illustration which is cool, too, I guess.


You’re in luck, Kate has a killer website! So quit goofin’ and check it out HERE.

all photos styled and shot by me!

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  1. 29kmm29 says:

    great interview and great pics em…YOU ROCK

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