i’ve been back home for a little less than a week and i’ve already managed to:

1) fall more in love with my wishcandy drawing. there’s a huge sale on her website right now, so check it out at >>>>>>  <<<<<<<

2) capture/add to the things adorning the room i used to live in, at my parent’s home. it’s pretty empty now, but still has a couple random spurts of clutter that i love.

3) sew my second throw pillow out of a healthy fabric…

4) stumble upon some old, overexposed photos and cut my pal kathleen out/send her to space. this is a photo of the layout before i finished the canvas.

5) take a crummy photo of my first attempt at a throw pillow…another healthy (?) pattern. my collection of hand-made, misshapen, misfit pillows is growing.

6) accentuate abby’s waist with a festive ribbon.

About glowerpower

am a 22 year old (wo)manchild, with an affinity for cacti and secretly recording myself singing songs by rihanna...
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