it’s a fling thing


it’s been a while since i have tended to glowerpower, so i thought i’d end my 6 months of silence by getting reacquainted.

i am older, but no wiser. so, what are some things that have been at the top of my i-am-so-obsessed-with-you list? check out some of my current flings!

WEBSITE: ILLUMINATI GIRL GANG. this website seriously knows what’s up. i don’t even think i need to say much about it, other than that you should definitely check out all the links that are provided under the rad girls reading list. i will also warn you that you shouldn’t even bother opening this website, unless you have like 4 hours to obsess over the content and then to do an obligatory glory dance, naked in or on your bedroom/kitchen/rooftop.

PROCRASTINATION: DARIA. daria, a satirical high school cartoon, revolves around daria, her only friend, jane, and a hand full of their high school peers, who they can rarely find common ground with. daria embodies the life of an outcast, who is uncool based on her weird style, her morose outlook on “normal” high school activities and interests, and her witty sarcasm that is almost never understood by the people around her. there are some awesome criticisms made on social classes, racial stereotypes, and popular culture. also, how cool would it be if sick, sad world were it’s own show outside of daria?

GIRL CRUSH: LAUREN DILLARD. to be honest, this current girl crush doesn’t really have much merit. i’ve known who lauren dillard is for some time, as she is in the band CREEP, but because i don’t particularly like their music, i never paid too much attention to her. then i saw a video on slutever, where she spearheads a fictional lesbian makeover. after the video i thought she was top drawer, due to her humour, fashion, and definitely her hair. CREEP is a huge member of the LGBTQ community in new york and “they love the idea of being role models to women of all stripes” (lesbian bands, hear them roar – the advocate). dillard won huge bonus points when i pathetically requested her on instagram, and she declined me. DrEaMs dOnt ALwaYS CoMe TRue. here’s the makeover from it’s sexually graphic, so if you’re not into that or you’re in a public area with no headphones, just skip over it!

ALBUM: THE MADCAP LAUGHS. most of you probably know syd barrett as a member of pink floyd. this was his first solo album after departing from the band, and i can’t stop listening to it. i hadn’t thought to check out his solo stuff, until he was mentioned in a song by a band i love right now. i’ll talk about them in another post!

PURCHASE: GENTLE SOULS SHOES, “STEP AHEAD”. i’ve had my eye on a pair of black wedged sandals for some time, but it wasn’t until these beauties appeared one day in a small shoe store, Heal Boy, that i had found the perfect pair. these were also SIGNIFICANTLY reduced, so i snagged them for about 200.00 dollars cheaper than they were originally priced. huzzah for out-of-season shopping! they are so comfortable and go with everything and if you’re wondering, i am wearing them now. url

BOOK: FUN HOME. the importance of this book lies in the subtitle,  A Family Tragicomic. alison bechdel, who created this wonderful graphic memoir, brings up tons of really amazing themes, that all stem from one main theme, which i think everyone can relate to: dysfunctional family. sure, alison’s story is unique to her situation, but i think no matter the degree, everyone sees their family as a little dysfunctional sometimes. the novel’s plot is set around bechdel, who struggles with her sexual identity as a lesbian, her relationship with her father, who is a closeted homosexual, and how these identities challenge and change their family dynamic. i’ve read it twice and the second time was no less enjoyable. not only are the themes and messages in the novel moving, but the addition of graphic images perfectly enhance the story.


EXTRINSIC JOY: PUP POWER. the other day i got an invite to go to a girl’s house i had never actually met before, and play with three tiny beagle puppies. this lovely do-gooder has been taking care of the puppies for a couple of weeks until they get adopted. she has probably made like 35 new friends in the process. when we entered the house, they came bursting towards our open arms with all their puppy might, squealing with excitement, and urinating with….well excitement. it didn’t even matter that my shoes were covered with puppy pee, i grabbed them all individually and smelt them behind the ears, cuddled their squirming bodies, and told the furry strangers that i loved them. we took them outside and were immediately swarmed by pedestrians, as if we were celebrities. i didn’t even say goodbye to the little pup trio. goodbyes are too hard. *single tear*. 

SONG: MØ-NEVER WANNA KNOW. great song, great video. watch MØ sway to and fro, while belting about love er something.

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am a 22 year old (wo)manchild, with an affinity for cacti and secretly recording myself singing songs by rihanna...
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